Advertise Consulting

Preparing and running of BTL and ATL marketing campaigns.


We are offering full support for our customers and we are helping them in preparing and running all types of marketing campaigns. We are advising them to make the best choice of the way of delivering information to potencial buyers.

We are proposing cooperation in coordination of e.g:


- Direct mail campaigns

- e-mailing action

- Preparing and running of leaflets and posters action

- Preparing and cooperation during outdoor campaigns, like bilboards and city lights

- Preparing and running of press campaigns

- Preparing of radio spots and details for radio campaigns

- All other forms of promotion suggested by customers


Brand Positioning


We specialize in creating strategies, seeking new product concepts, creative marketing solutions thanks to our long-standing experience in consumer goods and services.


We commence every single strategic project from analyzing competetive environment, consumer trends and identifying the cultural background, analogous foreign markets, and profound exploration of the Client's area of expertise and context for his strategic needs.


The brand positioning process is conducted in relation to customers, competetive environment, and existing brand values.


In the process of creating inspiring solutions of a particular market problem, we provide the Client with alternative scenarios of strategic actions, which differ from one another also as regards the holistic business approach. Among projects conducted we offer market research, semiotic analyses, and brand/ product visual identification.


Preparing of marketing budgets and media plans


Every marketing campaign requires spending some money, so this is very important to plan all expenses reasonably. Not always we have enough time to do this precisely and efficient, that's why Birmok is helping its customers to do this, before the promotion starts.


We are advising our customers in all aspects of every marketing campaign, especially in choosing best Medias, analyzing their advantages and disadvantages, times for introducing campaign and all expenses for promotional activities to do the plan.


After this we are introducing prepared budget for acceptation to our customer, before making final decision. Next we are discussing about all necessary details to confirm the last estimate and activities in chosen case.





Organizing of Distribution Consulting


A sale is a key area of activity in every company and no doubt all sales activities should be maximally effective and generate minimal costs. But you can't forget that yout products or services you have to deliver to your customers.The most important in this case is to choose suitable model  of distribution and prepare its structure.


Based on analysis of internal company's situation, observing its position and market activity, we are going to propose suitable modification in distribution system, concentrating on minimal costs generating. We advise you which channel is the best for you and why you should use direct or indirect distribution and what are main advantages of traditional or electronic distribution model.





Strategic Consulting


We always offer strategic consulting with our large research projects aiming at creating the vision of a new product, developing communication concept, or product repositioning. Our employees are among the most expierienced researches on the market, which is why strategic counseling has for years been an element of their research work, while their expertise in conducting international products serves as an additional source of inspiration.